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If you are preparing to sell your property in Dallas this fall, it’s worth considering what the marketing angle will be: how to characterize it most accurately—and appealingly. It starts with the choice of wording for your home’s property type, which will set up prospective buyers’ expectations before they come upon the more detailed description.

Cottage or Bungalow This property description instantly conjures up images of a small, cozy, picturesque urban Dallas property. Buyers attracted to a cottage are likely to appreciate features that indicate economy and efficiency. The marketing message can emphasize practicality and the charms of a compact, tidy, easily maintained living space.

Penthouse This type of condo or co-op once indicated position on the upper floor of a tall building, usually set back from the outer walls—but today, any top floor unit can be considered a penthouse. Buyers attracted to penthouse living are luxury-minded: in the market for the best of the best. Marketing materials should emphasize luxury additions and upscale neighborhood features: everything that sets the property above the crowd. If your penthouse has a great view, it might be appropriate to consider hosting a twilight open house (cocktails optional!).

Condo Condos can be smaller and less expensive than single-family homes, though depending on location, finish and amenities, today that’s not always the case. With the lion’s share of maintenance taken care of by the monthly condo fees, this type of property can be marketed to appeal to first-time buyers; to homeowners who are downsizing; to those with multiple residences; or to anyone who’s simply had it with yard work! One of the main advantages of condo living is also its strongest selling point: convenience.

Cabin A property in town that fits the “cabin” description should be in large part rustic and suited to relaxed, informal living. Its marketing can be geared to buyers looking for an urban Dallas property without many of the bells and whistles expected in other kinds of single family dwellings. A cabin can actually have luxurious features–if so, the key will be presenting them without overplaying the home’s true atmosphere.

Town-home A typical Dallas town home incorporates more square footage of living space than does a condo. It tends to appeal to budget-conscious prospects who desire for independence falls midway between single family dwelling and condo. Town homes can really appeal to a wide variety of buyers in different life stages, so a more neutral lifestyle message is usually appropriate…town homes can be just as attractive to a single empty nester as to a newly married couple expecting their first baby.

Estate All by itself, the word “estate” summonses mental images of the Gilded Age—or Jay Gatsby’s layout. While not every estate looks like the late John Denver’s $10.75 million spread (it just listed in Aspen this month), Dallas does have its share of luxury listings. If you will be marketing your area property as an estate, do plan to wow your buyers—they’re likely to expect it. Staging, well-designed high-end marketing, catered open houses and discreet private showings can all be part of a successful estate marketing campaign.

Whether your home falls into one of these categories or not, my job as your agent is to figure out how to most attractively market and pitch the property. If you’re looking for an agent to devise the plan that sells your Dallas property for top dollar, contact me today for a complimentary consultation.

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