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Sports divers know something that’s relevant to a first time home buyer’s decision about whether to enlist the services of a Dallas real estate agent.

A ‘free diver’ (one without SCUBA gear) who descends into dark, unknown waters usually finds it’s possible to dive much deeper the second time down. The reason: on the first dive, not being sure what lies down there is a little spooky—the diver’s anxiety causes their heart to race faster, which uses up their lungful of air quickly. The next time down, it’s into newly familiar territory; they don’t run out of breath nearly as quickly.

So what does this have to do with buying a house or deciding whether to call an urban real estate agent? The first time you go shopping for any new item—especially anything with complicated features—requires focus and often patience. If the choices are many, making an intelligent purchase can produce a certain amount of frustration and stress (if this sounds far-fetched, just remember the last time you set about comparing the features and plan options for a new model cell phone).

But those demands are trivial compared with the stress level most newcomers experience when they buy their first home. It’s not just that the homes up for sale offer such a variety of characteristics that resist straight-up comparison (although in Dallas this fall, that’s certainly true)—it’s also that the whole process of looking, financing, negotiating and closing differs so much from other kinds of purchases. It’s the first time down into murky waters—who wouldn’t feel the stress? And then there’s that one other factor: it’s probably the most expensive purchase they’ve ever even thought about making!

As an experienced Dallas real estate agent who has helped many a buyer through their first home purchasing experience, I can report that an important part of what I do is to remove a huge chunk of the anxiety that would otherwise grow from the unknowns. Right from our first conversation, by asking the relevant questions that experience has shown will point the way to the most likely candidate properties, the fog of the unknowns begin to lift. Likewise, every part of buying that first home—from locating reliable inspection resources through securing the most advantageous financing alternative—becomes more like a walk in the park than a trek through the wilderness.

A Dallas real estate agent doesn’t completely eradicate the newness of the experience for a first time buyer, but choosing to tap the resources of an experienced guide who knows the area well is not a hard call. And since real estate agent fees are traditionally paid from the seller’s proceeds, it’s also an economical one!

If you’re a homeowner about to dive into your first home sale—or a first-timer on the lookout for a home of your own—I hope you won’t hesitate to give me a call. I’d like to become your Number One urban Dallas real estate agent resource. And next time out? It won’t be nearly as daunting…but you’ll know who to call then, too!

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