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Pack for the Trail! How much does it all weigh and how much will the wagon hold? What is most important to take for the long journey?

Dallas Heritage Village invites families to test their survival skills during History Quest: The Oregon Trail, Saturday, May 13, from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., 1515 S. Harwood Street. 

Inspired by the Oregon Trail video game and board game, the day allows guests to experience what life was like on the Oregon Trail, the route that once served as the gateway to the American West, in the mid-1800s. The Oregon Trail was the primary pathway for American emigrants searching for new lands and opportunity on the frontier. From its main departure points in Missouri, the grueling overland route stretched 2,000 miles over the Great Plains and the Continental Divide, finally ending in the fertile Willamette Valley or the gold fields of California. More than 400,000 pioneers traveled its trails in the boom years between 1840 and 1860, braving everything from disease outbreaks and wagon accidents to arid deserts and rushing river crossings. 

Upon arrival to Dallas Heritage Village, Oregon Trail participants will receive information outlining various activities as they learn about day-to-day survival skills that someone navigating the frontier faced.   Some of the hands-on stops along the way include:

Surviving the Journey:  Can you tell the difference between an edible and poisonous plant?  Do you know how to spend your limited money on items you would need to maneuver the trail? 

Packing for the Trail:  Pack your wagon with various weights and measures to ensure that you have the items you need and that you don’t exceed the limit for your long journey.

Symptoms and Cures:  Can you examine your fellow trailblazer’s sickness symptoms to name the disease and find a cure? Can you save them in time?

Watch out!  Who’s that on the Trail? Be on the lookout for bandits and critters! Watch for adversaries and ambushes - you never know what lies ahead on the trail.     

“This day is designed to give our visitors a real life experience as to what it was like for American emigrants making this treacherous journey,” said Melissa Prycer, president and executive director, Dallas Heritage Village. “Participants will be faced with many decisions along the way, and activities will take them all over the Village.”

Discount tickets for History Quest: The Oregon Trail are available online for $5 each through May 10.  Tickets will be offered at the gate for $10/adult, $6/child (ages 4-12) and $8/senior, 65+, and under age 4 are free. Visit


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