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Dallas Heritage Village’s Annual History with a Twist’s usual 1920’s theme will jump ahead 40 years to the 1960s in honor of the Village’s 50th anniversary.  Presented by Sidley Austin, LLP, the 4th annual fundraiser is Saturday, April 30, 6-10 p.m., on Main Street at Dallas Heritage Village, 1515 S. Harwood.  Guests are invited to party and dress like it is 1966, when Dallas Heritage Village began. Honorary Chairs Marilyn and Ben Weber and Event Chair Don Baynham join Brian McCullough of The Standard Pour will help raise important proceeds to support learning opportunities for students and adults at Dallas Heritage Village.



“Dallas Heritage Village marks a golden milestone this year honoring the vision of its founders, celebrating the supportive community, and honoring the historic buildings and the history they each contain – the true foundation of the Village,” said Melissa Prycer, president and executive director, Dallas Heritage Village.  “Our Honorary Chairs Marilyn and Ben Weber have a wonderful history with the Village are a perfect fit for Twist this special year.  Ben Weber’s mother Harriet Weber was one of the Village’s original founders.”


In February 1966, The Millermore house, a historic antebellum plantation home built between 1855 and 1862 was saved from the wrecking ball by a newly formed group of citizens called the Dallas County Heritage Society, and this was the beginning of Dallas Heritage Village. Disassembled and reassembled on the grounds of Old City Park, Dallas’ oldest park established in 1876, the Millermore home was the first historic structure of Dallas Heritage Village and remains the museum’s focal point today.  Set on 20 acres, Dallas Heritage Village has grown into an immersive history landscape including a Victorian Main Street, a railroad complex, a log cabin, a pre-Civil war home, an 1860’s farmstead with livestock, a 19th century church, and schoolhouse. Originally run by volunteers, the museum gradually gained a professional staff, became nationally accredited, and developed events and educational programming.  Over 25,000 school children visit every year.


This year’s History with a Twist will feature Blue Mesa Catering; 60s dance music by Matt Tolentino and Friends; 60s dance moves taught by Elaine Hewlett of the Rhythm Room; a vintage car show;  and live and auctions.


“Anyone who has attended ‘Twist’ before knows that this night is very different from the Village’s normal routine of welcoming thousands of school kids and families to learn about life in Dallas from 1840-1910,” said Melissa Prycer, president and executive director, Dallas Heritage Village.  “This night is for the adults to have fun, learn a bit about history themselves, and raise important funds for Dallas Heritage Village.”


“History with a Twist is not only a fun way to benefit Dallas Heritage Village, but also a great way to see its beautiful grounds and historic structures,” said Don Baynham, event chair.  “It’s an exciting time for Dallas Heritage Village as new developments are happening all around us in the Cedars area.  Don’t miss out on this fun evening and important cause.”


Cost is$100 for individuals or $175 for couples and includes cocktail samples, heavy hors d’oeuvres, beer and wine, and valet parking. Sponsorships are available. Contact Preston Cooley, 214-413-3662, or visit



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