VIFM Visual Storytelling Workshop



Central Standard Time



Mercury Studios
6301 Riverside Drive
Irving, Texas 75039

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Whether you are an experienced professional or a beginning photographer, join us Thursday, April 25th through Sunday, April 28th for a unique opportunity to learn visual storytelling.

Held at Mercury Studios (6301 Riverside Drive, Irving, TX 75039), the workshop will teach how to craft a series of images to tell a story.

Participation is limited to 14 attendees. The deadline to apply is Sunday, April 21st. Cost: $500; $450 for US veterans

Here’s what you will need:

  • Transportation
  • Camera gear
  • Computer (Mac or PC)
  • Photomechanic software (30-day free trial available here:

You may also want to bring:

  • A portfolio of your work
  • A story idea (1 or 2 sentences of a story you’d like to tell

Here’s what you will get:

  • Group presentations to help you understand the art of taking photographs and organizing a story
  • Individualized instruction on crafting your story idea
  • Personal feedback on your story and photos as you compile your story

Here’s how the workshop will run:

  • Thursday morning, you will check in at Mercury Studios at 10 am, attend presentations from our industry professionals, review your portfolio & story idea in a one-on-one session, and start shooting your story
  • Friday and Saturday, you will continue to shoot your story—checking in with presenters as needed to get feedback—and start editing photos.
  • Sunday, you will finish taking any photos you may need, finish editing them, and prepare for the evening’s presentation of work to friends, family, and other attendees at the reception, which will take place inside Mercury Studios. You will all have an opportunity to tour the space and see the amazing collection of movie & historical memorabilia housed in it.

Here’s a bit about your instructors:


  • Jeremy T. Lock—A retired Master Sergeant of the United States Air Force, Jeremy “JT” Lock has experience, training, and insight that few photojournalists can claim. He’s been in the thick of war battles, shooting with his camera rather than a gun; earning a Bronze Star. He’s documented the realities of life in disease- and poverty-stricken Africa. He’s covered diplomatic celebrations, funerals and historic meetings. He is specially trained to shoot from the air and under the sea. He is the sole military photographer to be recognized seven times as the best in the business (Military Photographer of the Year, 2002, ‘05, ‘06, ‘08, ‘10, ‘11, ‘12). Website:; Instagram: jeremytlock
  • Chris Griffin— United States Air Force photographer and Military Photography of the Year (best photo) Award Winner, Chris Griffin’s 14-year career has expanded across the globe. From the Tsunami in Japan to humanitarian aid in Uganda, the photos he captured and shared with the world were in hopes that it would make impact for positive change. Chris’s career has currently landed him into a position as the National Marketing Photo Manager for the Air Force, overseeing productions of commercial productions, print products, and communication strategy bringing in the next generation of Airmen. His works have stretched across publications such as National Geographic, Rolling Stone Magazine, Captain Marvel’s Air Force commercial, Playstation’s Night Fall, and many others.
  • Andrea Copeland—Andrea earned an undergraduate degree in telecommunications from Michigan State University. After working for ten years in management, marketing, and sales, she returned to school and earned a master's degree in Educational Leadership, focusing on human resource development from Western Michigan University. Following a career in corporate human resources and training, primarily at a government contractor manufacturing plant, Andrea discovered small business and an ability and passion for writing stories. As Vice President of the Dallas Screenwriters Association, she aspires to craft stories that make a difference and create change. As a partner in a sports business, Andrea inspires athleticism, good health, and fun


For more information, please contact Maggy Croxville, VIFM Director, at


Proceeds from the workshop will be used to train a veteran for a career in film and media production.


We look forward to seeing you at Mercury Studios for a fun-filled weekend!