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Socially Distanced Christmas Lights & Treats Tours Are Safe and Delicious!

https://www.dallasbychocolate.com/christmas-tours.htmlHere's a unique way to see the best Christmas Lights in Dallas, and stay safe!

Dallas by Chocolate Tours is offering Socially Distanced "Christmas Lights & Treats" Tours to ensure that everyone can enjoy the wonderful lights of the Park Cities, East Dallas and other neighborhoods while staying safe.  What's more, guests enjoy wonderful holiday treats from local dessert venues while riding around!  Tours are offered nightly on many evenings through December.  Guests will be sent clues to find neighborhoods that have outstanding lights, including a house with hundreds of Santas, the exciting Electric Lizzyland in East Dallas and a neighborhood that celebrates the Twelve Days of Christmas.  Tour hosts meet guests at neighborhoods and guests quickly roll down a window to receive treats like warm cookies from The Dough Dough and decadent brownies from Sift + Pour (treats vary by tour). Then there's time to drive around to see lights before heading to the next lights locale.  Tours start at $31 per person.  For tickets and more information, visit www.dallasbychocolate.com and click "Christmas Tours" or call 972-814-5997



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Thursday, November 19, 2020