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The exterior space - your back yard and how to control its comforts can be an in intimidating task.

Especially now that spring is on its way!


This quick list may help you think about ways to do it successfully.


  1. DON’T BUG ME: Please do not skimp on a pest control service if you plan on staying outside in Texas for longer than 10 minutes. We all know mosquitoes are a real pain, but don’t let them stand in your way of enjoying your exterior oasis. The reliability of some exterior pest services is always a crap shoot, but ask your neighbors and friends, as they may have good luck having one in place you can rely on too. Also think about other ways of controlling BUGS too, fans make a great way to keep the air moving.
  2. LIGHT ME UP: Think about how to utilize the exterior with proper lighting. It’s such an important part of enjoying a conversation with loved ones and friends as well as way finding too. Fire pits can be fantastic lighting features too. Hiring a lighting design consultant is always a great idea, if your budget allows.
  3. HAVE A SEAT: Furniture is now so readily available, even after past supply issues and covid shortages. Don’t by cheap if you can help it. A good sofa, chair or table can last years if you take good care of the pieces, and guard against your cute little furry friends the squirrels. Covering all your furniture religiously is the way to do that. So, don’t forget to purchase those covers. It will help it all last a long time.


As for things we can control, these simple ones listed out is a good start for you and your family.

As for how Mother Nature will treat your exterior plantscaping, well that is another article.




best regards,

Anthony Waters RID, TAID, ASID


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