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An interior living space that is both Contemporary & Comfortable is a rare combination for most comparable spaces in the built world, especially in Texas.

This home features a Living and Dining space directly adjacent from this Cool but highly functional kitchen- which meld into a favorable destination for comfort and style.  The custom kitchen by Porcelanosa Kitchen was meticulously design by both owners who wanted a clean but cleanable kitchen, one that was open and inviting, but held court in the hierarchy of the design.  The living and dining followed suite for design aesthetics that were custom and functional.  The Living room sectional was deigned by the Interior designer and manufactured by Kisabeth Furniture.  The manufacturer worked to create a modern form that was comfortable and durable for the young couples heavy entertaining.  The dining room banquet was also a custom piece the manufacturer enjoyed creating along side this talented designer.

The results were timeless elegance, function & durability that will endure the test of time.