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Don't be a victim of interior design gone wrong.

Hire a registered interior designer with TBAE and through a professional Local Association like ASID.   The results are worth the costs spent with that interior design professional if you follow these 3 simple rules.

1. Be honest with your budget and time frame: No One wants to be spending money they don't have so keep you fees and costs in check with the designer you hire.  Be honest with your time frame as to when you need your furniture or construction completed.  And expect delays: Everyone in this 2016 market has money and they are all spending it too, so remember to be real when dealing with your wants and needs.  You're patience is required.

2. Hire someone who meshes with your personality and your lifestyle.  Don't hire the "Star Designer" just because of a look.  Most qualified interior designers can meld out the feel and look of your new space just as well as most Star Designers can.  Sharing imagery and pages from your local magazines is a fact that most designers are aware of and now accept.  Don't be shy about sharing your "Dream Images" with them  They will help you Cull those images and direct you to what they feel you can afford and what really works best for your lifestyle

3. Communicate clearly with your newly hired professional.  So many clients text now with design professionals - I really don't recommend that at all.  Those Common Texts are open to interpretation and can cause you more delays and mistakes along the design process.  I recommend that you have Bi-Weekly meeting at least so that you and your hired professional are always on the same page.  The Project Management of the design is part of this – so if you want a quality product in the end – keep those design fees in mind as well.

Design is a process not a photo copy; Remember that when working towards your goals and aspirations.  A well designed space will come to those who are patient and understand that the process is experience based and a learning based experience as well.

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