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Photography by: Whitney Krenek

Katherine Mason, founder and CEO of SculptHouse, was recently named a Lagree Fitness Master Trainer. Katherine is one of 25 individuals from around the world who were recently selected by Sebastien Lagree to participate in the Level 3 certification program at the Lagree Fitness headquarters in Los Angeles. Participants were all previously certified in Level 1 and 2, and as a Lagree Master Trainer, Katherine will now be able to certify individuals in Lagree Fitness. Katherine holds certifications in Atlanta and Dallas for individuals interested in becoming Lagree Fitness instructors or those who want to gain a deeper understanding of the method. She also teaches regularly in both the Dallas and Atlanta studios.

In the past, Lagree has held all certifications in California, or studios have had to hire a Master Trainer from California to come to their studio. Now, Master Trainers are located in select cities where local studios and instructors can attend these trainings or studios can hire Master Trainers regionally. Katherine is focused on Texas and the Southeast.

Katherine is excited to take on this new role as fitness is her passion, which has become a lifestyle. Becoming a Master Trainer is not something she randomly chose to be one day, but rather a goal she worked hard to achieve for eight years with her strong involvement, education, certifications, and teachings with Lagree Fitness. “I think you determine your own destiny through good decisions, hard work, and putting yourself in the right circumstances,” she said.


SculptHouse is where fitness meets fashion. With brick-and-mortar workout studios and activewear boutiques in Atlanta and Dallas, as well as an established e-commerce platform that reaches a global audience. SculptHouse stands out among its competitors by being the world’s first to combine the Megaformer – a full-body strength and conditioning machine – and treadmill, offering a cutting-edge human-powered workout. Each studio stands alongside a retail boutique with more than 75 athleisure and lifestyle brands from around the world. These machines are ideal for athletes recovering from injuries, as they embody a low-impact and high-intensity approach. Or for anyone seeking the perfect blend of toning and cardio combined. This self-propelled treadmill has also been proven to burn 30 percent more energy during a workout than a traditional treadmill, highlighting both its safety and efficiency. The boutique component of the brand was inspired by founder Katherine Mason’s modeling background, where she worked with major fitness magazines and up-and-coming fitness fashion brands, exposing her to the emerging Athleisure industry. As a life-long athlete with an innate interest in fashion, it didn’t take her long to fall in love with this new segment of the industry. She quickly became the person back home that people would come to for advice on the newest lines and ways to elevate their activewear wardrobe, which sparked the second part of the idea for SculptHouse: an Athleisure boutique. SculptHouse’s mission is to help its clients lead healthier, happier and more confident lives through fitness and fashion.

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