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Since its birth in January, 2009, the Dallas Arts District has been attracting people of all kinds.  Under the guidance of nearby Downtown Dallas, this section of the city brings artistic creativity to everyone in the community.  With their main objective to educate the public about the value that creativity can bring to their lives.  Choosing to live in the area is choosing to be a part of something that gives creativity primary importance.  As the site Visit Dallas describes it,

“With 19 blocks and 68 acres of performing arts venues, museums and more, it is the largest urban arts district in the nation. Whether novice or connoisseur, the district has plenty to admire and enjoy. … The 5.2 acre park sits atop Woodall Rogers Freeway and is the perfect welcome sign for visitors to the district.”

Still, there is so much more to being a part of life in the Arts District than art.  As a resident you’ll be able to be a part of a completely new world of its own making.


It Is More Financially Stable

While it is difficult to think of art and economics at the same time, one of the advantages of life in any Arts District is a pretty stable economic foundation.  As a planned community, it can incorporate the local talents of many of its residents and inspire more support for the creative minds of the city.  This will naturally draw more individuals to the area motivated to support local talent.  As a result more artists are willing to come and contribute starting the cycle all over again.  In the end, the entire city gets revitalized through their efforts to inspire and support local art.  As commented on by Erinn Roos-Brown of ARTSFWD,

“They contribute to urban revitalization, economic development and artist centers.  They provide cities with a better quality of life and allow them to brand themselves as creative and cultured in order to promote tourism, attract new residents and encourage new businesses.”

As the city of Dallas, continues to expand and grow at an astronomical rate it is clear that they are working to enhance the quality of life for all of its residents. The District’s ability to bring in the tourist dollars promises to enhance the quality of life for all of its many residents.


Improved Quality of Life

Not only does the city continue to benefit from the contribution of creative talent by passing the gains on to its residents, the District has become the main focal point for the arts not just in Dallas or in Texas but across the entire Southwestern Region of the States. 

Because of their longstanding love for the Arts, residents in the District can have their interests filled in a wide number of ways.  There is such a wide range of talent contained within this community including the Dallas Center for Performing Arts, the Latino Cultural Center, the Crow Collection of Asian Art, the Morton Meyerson Symphony Center, and a host of entirely new art venues. When you have your free time you’ll have your pick of ways to entertain yourself.  All right in your immediate neighborhood.  No need to travel long distances to get to the talent of your choice.  For many residents, the venues can even be within walking distance. As the Dallas Economic Development points out,

“Whether you re seeking a calm refuge during a busy work day or an exciting weekend activity, the Dallas Arts District is the place to be.  You can choose from a relaxing concert, a tour through a gallery or an evening of jazz amidst the works of the masterworks.”

So, it doesn’t matter if your creative preferences are for art, music, drama, or dance or any other artistic medium, you’ll find that your entire family will be able to get the most out of their life when your home is settled in an place where the entire community appreciates and values the artistic contributions of masters of all kinds.

Another advantage of living in the Arts District, such as in Alexan Arts Apartments, has to do with its location right near Downtown Dallas.  For those who work in the heart of the city, it is an easy commute from your home to work and back.  But the best part of all will be the time when you leave work and you come home not just to your family but to a community of artists just waiting to enhance your life with their creativity.

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